RepositoryAdmin tool reference

Metadata about the repositories that are used in IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server is stored in the metadata repository. The RepositoryAdmin tool is provided for you to define and manage this metadata for some of the repositories.


You can use the installation program to create the repositories used by InfoSphere Information Server. You can also choose to create some of the repositories as a post-installation step, for example if you are not using the Db2® database system. If you do not use the installation program to create a particular repository, you can use the RepositoryAdmin tool to create the SQL scripts necessary to create and configure the repository. You also use the tool to register the repository (and its hosting database, database platform, and database server) with the metadata repository.

Even after installation, there might be times when you need to manage the repository registration, such as when you relocate a repository to another server or if you need to change the connection properties.

You cannot manage the following repositories with the RepositoryAdmin tool:

  • Metadata repository
  • IBM InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager staging area
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer analysis databases


  [-{connectionManagedDSN | cm} <value>]
  [-{connectionName | cn} <value>]
  [-{connectionPassword | cw} <value>]
  [-{connectionProperties | cp} <value>]
  [-{connectionURL | cr} <value>]
  [-{connectionUser | cu} <value>]
  [-{databaseType | dt} <value>]
  [-{databaseVersion | dv} <value>]
  [-{dbName | dn} <value>]
  [-{displayDatabase | dd} [<value>]]
  [-{displayDatabasePlatform | dp} [<value>]]
  [-{displayDatabaseServer | ds} [<value>]]
  [-{displayRepository | dr} [<value>]]
  [-{displayRepositoryConnection | dc} [<value>]]
  [-{help | ?}]
  [-{listDatabasePlatforms | lp} [<value>]]
  [-{listDatabaseServers | ls} [<value>]]
  [-{listDatabases | ld} [<value>]]
  [-{listRepositories | lr} [<value>]]
  [-{listSQLScripts | lt} [<value>]]
  [-{log | l} <value>]
  [-{logerror | error} <value>]
  [-{loginfo | info} <value>]
  [-{loglevel | level} <value>]
  [-{propertyFile | pf} <value>]
  [-{registerDatabase | rd} [<value>]]
  [-{registerDatabaseServer | rs} [<value>]]
  [-{registerRepository | rr} [<value>]]
  [-{reposContext | ct} <value>]
  [-{reposDescription | de} <value>]
  [-{reposName | rn} <value>]
  [-{reposSchema | sc} <value>]
  [-{reposTool | to} <value>]
  [-{results | res} <value>]
  [-{saveSQLScripts | sss} [<value>]]
  [-{scriptLocation | sl} <value>]
  [-{scriptName | sn} <value>]
  [-{scriptTool | sto} <value>]
  [-{scriptType | st} <value>]
  [-{serverBinPath | sb} <value>]
  [-{serverHost | sh} <value>]
  [-{serverPassword | sw} <value>]
  [-{serverPort | sp} <value>]
  [-{serverUser | su} <value>]
  [-{testRepositoryConnection | tc} [<value>]]
  [-{unregisterDatabase | urd} [<value>]]
  [-{unregisterDatabaseServer | urs} [<value>]]
  [-{unregisterRepository | urr} [<value>]]
  [-{updateDatabaseServer | us} [<value>]]
  [-{updateRepository | ur} [<value>]]
  [-{updateRepositoryConnection | uc} [<value>]]
  [-{verbose | v}]


Some of the commonly-used parameters are listed in the topics that follow. The RepositoryAdmin tool must be run from the services tier. In each of the following topics, the RepositoryAdmin tool is displayed with just the name of the command with the Microsoft Windows .bat extension. However, when you run the command, provide the correct extension for the operating system and the full path to the command (or include the directory that contains the command in your PATH environment variable). The full path and extension of the command is as follows:

Windows cue graphic
Linux cue graphicUNIX cue graphic