Importing Greenplum metadata

Before you use the Greenplum connector to read, write, or look up data, you can use InfoSphere® Metadata Asset Manager to import the metadata that represents tables and views in a Greenplum database. The imported metadata is then saved in the metadata repository.

Before you begin

  • Configure the ODBC access to Greenplum databases on Linux and UNIX or on Windows as required.
  • Ensure that you have the SELECT privilege for the following system schemas:
    • pg_catalog
    • information_schema

About this task

By using the Greenplum connector, you can import metadata about the following types of assets:
  • The host computer that contains the Greenplum database.
  • The database.
  • Database schemas.
  • Database tables, system tables, external tables and views. All imported tables are stored in the metadata repository as database tables.
  • Database columns.