Reading data from an Informix database

You must specify properties of the stage by using the properties tab to read data from an Informix database.

About this task

These properties are necessary for reading data from an Informix® database.

  • In the Properties Tab, under the Source category:
    • Choose a read method. The default value is table, which reads data directly from a table. You can choose to read data by using auto-generated SQL or user-generated SQL.
    • Specify the table to read the data from.
    • If you specify a read method of user-generated SQL, specify the SELECT SQL statement to use. The output link provides an auto-generated statement that you can edit as required.

      Under the Connection category:

    • Specify the connection method. You can choose XPS Fast (for connecting to the XPS framework), HPL (for connecting to HPL servers), or Native (for connecting to Informix version 8.5).
    • Optionally specify the name of the database that you are connecting to.
    • If you specified the XPS Fast or HPL connection method, specify the name of the server where Informix XPS is installed.
  • Ensure that column metadata is specified for the read operation.