Performing a direct lookup on a database table via iWay

About this task

To perform a direct lookup, follow the steps below.

  • Connect the iWay enterprise stage to a lookup stage by using a reference link.
  • In the Properties tab:
    • Set the lookup type to sparse.
    • Specify the read method. The default value is Table, which reads data directly from a table. You can choose to read data by using auto-generated SQL or user-generated SQL.
    • Specify the table to read data from.
    • If you specify a read method of user-generated SQL, specify the SELECT SQL statement to use. If you specify a read method of auto-generated SQL, then you can edit the auto-generated SQL statement as required.
    • If you are not using the default iWay server to connect to the data source, specify the server name you are using.
    • If your iWay server is running with security mode enabled, specify the valid user name and password.
    • Ensure that column metadata is specified for the read operation.