Message ID format for the Logger class

The Logger class ( logs messages in the IIS-categoryID-componentID-messageNumber format.

IIS is the prefix for InfoSphere® Information Server. categoryID is the category of the component that produces the message. CONN is the categoryID for connectors, including the Java™ Integration stage. componentID is the component throwing the message. messageNumber is a positive integer for the message.

The following table contains a list of event types and the predefined message IDs in the Java Integration stage.

Table 1. List of event types and predefined message IDs in the Java Integration stage
Method Event type Message ID
Logger.debug(String message) Informational IIS-CONN-JAVA-00011
Logger.information(String message) Informational IIS-CONN-JAVA-00012
Logger.warning(String message) Warning IIS-CONN-JAVA-00013
Logger.fatal(String message) Fatal IIS-CONN-JAVA-00015