Looking up data by using reference links

You can look up data by using a reference link to link the Java™ Integration stage to a Lookup stage.

About this task

You can select the lookup type as Normal or Sparse in the stage editor. For a normal lookup, your Java code does not need any implementation as the output reference link is treated same as output stream link. However, sparse lookup internally changes the link topology in such a way that the connector contains one input link, one output link, and an optional reject link.When Sparse lookup is selected, make sure that only one output reference link is connected to the Java Integration stage.


  1. On the job design canvas, drag a Java Integration stage icon and a Lookup stage icon to the job design canvas.
    (The Lookup stage is located in the Processing category of the Palette menu.)
  2. Join the stages by dragging a link from Java Integration stage to the Lookup stage.
  3. Right-click the link, and select Convert to Reference from the menu.
    The line changes to a dashed line to show that the link is a reference link.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Double click the Java Integration stage icon.
  6. In the Properties tab on the Stage tab, select either Normal or Sparse.
  7. Click OK.