IIS-CONN-JAVA-00022E    The reject link is not configured. Configure reject link and save it.


The reject link is not configured properly.

User response

In the job design, ensure that the reject is configured properly. To add and configure a reject link, complete the following steps:
  1. Add an output link for the Java™ Integration stage.
  2. Right-click the output link, and then select the Convert to reject check box to convert the output link to a reject link.
  3. Open the stage editor, and then click the Reject tab.
  4. From the Reject rows list, select one or more conditions to use to reject records.
  5. Select ERRORCODE or ERRORTEXT, or both, in the Add to reject row section to specify that the error code and error text information must be included in the rejected records to identify the reason for which the records were rejected.
  6. From the Reject From Link list, select the input link.
  7. In the Abort when field, specify the limit value for the condition.
  8. In the Abort after field, specify the upper limit for reject links.
  9. Click OK to save the job.