Advanced tab

The Advanced tab properties determine the behavior of the stage.

Some advanced properties are set by default, and you cannot change the values of such properties. The properties are described below:

  • Execution mode. Specify whether the job runs in parallel or sequential mode. The value for the Execution mode property is set by default and cannot be changed. If the stage is operating on only one file and there is one reader, the execution mode is sequential. Otherwise, the execution mode is parallel.
  • Combinability mode. In the default Auto mode, the operators underlying the parallel stages are combined so that the operators run in the same process to improve performance.
  • Preserve partitioning. Specify Set or Clear modes. If you select Set, the read operation sends a request to the next stage to preserve partitioning.
  • Node pool and resource constraints. Constrain parallel execution to the node pools and resource pools that are specified in the grid. Use the grid to select node pools and resource pools. The selections are populated from the configuration file.
  • Node map constraint. Constrain parallel execution on the nodes in a defined node map. To define a node map type node numbers into the text box or click the browse button to select nodes from the Available Nodes window.