Configuring the Cognos TM1 connector

Before you can use the Cognos® TM1® connector, you must install and configure the Cognos TM1 client package on the InfoSphere® Information Server engine tier.


  1. Install the Cognos TM1 API component from the Cognos TM1 client package:
    Option Description
    Microsoft Windows Copy the file from TM1_installation_directory/bin/classes/TM1JavaAPI.jar to IS_installation_directory/Server/DSComponents/bin directory.
    Other platforms
    • Copy the file TM1_installation_directory/bin/classes/TM1JavaAPI.jar from Cognos TM1 server machine to IBM® InfoSphere Information Server Engine tier machine and locate the file under IS_installation_directory/Server/DSComponents/bin directory.
    • Copy the file TM1_installation_directory\bin\ssl\applixca.pem from Cognos TM1 server machine to IBM InfoSphere Information Server Engine tier machine.
  2. Import the IBM Cognos TM1 certificate into the keystore of the InfoSphere DataStage®. The InfoSphere DataStage keystore file is ASBNode/conf/iis-ds-truststore.jks.
    1. On the InfoSphere Information Server engine tier computer, open a command prompt.
    2. Change the directory to IIS installation_directory/jdk/bin.
    3. Enter the following IBM Developer Kit for the Java™ Platform Keytool command to import the Cognos TM1 certificate:
      keytool.exe -import -file TM1_installation_directory\bin\ssl\applixca.pem -keystore IIS_installation_directory/ASBNode/conf/iis-ds-truststore.jks -storepass truststore password
  3. Create a property file that stores truststore password.
    1. Encrypt the truststore password by using the IIS_installation_directory/ASBNode/bin/ file or encrypt.bat file.
    2. Create the IIS_installation_directory/ASBNode/conf/ file in a plain text format and add the following line: password=truststore password.
      Where truststore password is an encrypted version of the password that is specified as the value for the -storepass parameter for the keytool import command.
  4. If the Cognos TM1 server is configured with Integrated Windows authentication login, set the DS_LOGIN_CONFIG_LOCATION, DS_KERBEROS_CONFIG_LOCATION, and TM1CC_INTEGRATED_SECURITY_MODULE_NAME environment variables.
    Option Description
    Windows Set the environment variables for the system, and then restart the ASB agent and DSRPC services.
    Linux® or UNIX Set the environment variables in the dsenv file, and then restart the ASB agent and DSRPC services.