Selecting the installation order in a multi-computer topology

If you are installing IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server on more than one computer, install the tiers in the following order. If you are installing multiple tiers on the same computer, install the tiers in the same installation session. For example, you might choose to install both the repository and services tiers on the same computer. In the installation program, you would select to install the two tiers in the same installation session.

  1. Repository tier: Each of the following tiers requires connection information for the metadata repository so that their components can be registered.
  2. Services tier: The services tier registers with the metadata repository.
  3. Engine tier: Each engine is registered with both the metadata repository and services tier.
  4. Client tier: Although you can install the client tier at any time, if you are installing IBM InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager, the metadata interchange server is automatically registered with the metadata repository if you install the client tier after installing the metadata repository.

    The client tier has no dependencies and can be installed by itself on a computer. However, if you decide to install any of the other tiers on the same computer where a client has already been installed, the existing client must first be uninstalled and installed again along with the additional tiers.