Installing Db2 database software

Preinstall the Db2® database system if necessary before you run the IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server installation program.

About this task

To preinstall Db2 before you run the InfoSphere Information Server installation program, run the Db2 database system installation program that is included in the InfoSphere Information Server installation media. To learn what Db2 installation packages are included with your InfoSphere Information Server installation package, see the system requirements on the product support site at
Preinstall the Db2 database system in the following situations:
  • To use an existing installation of Db2 Enterprise Server Edition Version 10.5, rather than the one that can be installed with InfoSphere Information Server
  • To build a Db2 database cluster or high availability disaster recovery (HADR) architecture for high availability


  1. Obtain a Db2 database system installation package from IBM. On the installation media, the Db2 database system installation packages are in the following directories:
    Operating system Directory
    AIX® installable_image_directory/payloads/Shared/DB2/payload
    Linux installable_image_directory/payloads/Shared/DB2/payload
    Windows installable_image_directory\payloads\Shared\DB2\payload
  2. Install the Db2 database system as described in the Db2 database system documentation:
    Database version Link
    IBM Db2 Database, Version 10.5
  3. Optional: If you are using Db2 diagnostics, run the following command to set the Db2 Database Monitor Heap size to 192 or greater:
    db2 update dbm cfg using MON_HEAP_SZ 192 immediate

    Restart Db2 for changes to take effect.

    Note: The Db2 Database Monitor Heap is used for various database event monitors and snapshots. These monitoring tools do not work under the default size setting.

What to do next

Prepare your database system for repository tier databases. See Setting up an existing installation of Db2 database software.