Starting services (Linux, UNIX)

Follow this procedure to start the IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server services and application server services in a Linux® or UNIX installation.

Before you begin

Ensure that the database is operational before you do this procedure.

IS_install_path refers to the location where InfoSphere Information Server has been installed. The default location is /opt/IBM/InformationServer.


  1. Start all shared open source services:
    • Linux:
    • AIX
  2. Start the application server.
  3. On each engine tier computer, start the engine service and ASB Agent.
    1. Wait until the application server is fully started.
    2. Log in to each computer that hosts an engine tier.
      Use the following credentials:
      • If you configured the InfoSphere Information Server agents for non-root administration, use the credentials for the administrator user that you selected.
      • If you did not configure the agents in this manner, log in as root.
    3. Run the following command as the InfoSphere DataStage® administrator (dsadm by default) to source the dsenv file:
      su - dsadm
      . IS_install_path/Server/DSEngine/dsenv
    4. Make sure that the /.dshome file contains the current engine location.
      UNIX systems support multiple instances of InfoSphere DataStage. The bin/uv -admin -start command starts the instance of InfoSphere DataStage that is in the /.dshome file.
    5. As the InfoSphere DataStage administrator user, run the following commands to start the InfoSphere DataStage services and exit the su session for the InfoSphere DataStage administrator:
      cd IS_install_path/Server/DSEngine
      ./bin/uv -admin -start
    6. Run the following commands to start the ASB Agent:
      cd IS_install_path/ASBNode/bin
      ./ start
  4. Optional: Start the AppWatcher process.