Criteria for schedule views

You access schedules from a view, which filters the events based on criteria that you set.

To create views, you can filter messages by the following criteria:
You can filter tasks of a schedule by their names. Two wild cards are supported:
  • An asterisk (*) finds one or more characters.
  • A question mark (?) finds any single character at the current position.
You can filter tasks of a schedule by their descriptions.
Schedule status
A schedule has three statuses: Complete, Started, and Paused.
Task Run status
Each task instance can have one of four statuses: Abnormally Ended, Finished, Canceled by User, or Running.
You can filter schedules by users.
You can filter schedules by three sets of dates:
  • The dates on which schedules are created.
  • The dates on which any task executions of the schedule were started.
  • The updates, such as run start or completion, of any task executions for the schedule.
You can filter tasks based on the application components that originated the tasks.