Assigning groups to a project and specifying roles

When you create a project, you can specify which groups can access that project. You can also specify which actions they can perform in that project.

About this task

To assign groups to a project and select roles, you use different tools. The tool you use depends on the product module in which you are working:
  • For IBM® InfoSphere® Information Analyzer and IBM InfoSphere Information Services Director, use the IBM InfoSphere Information Server console as described in this procedure.
  • For IBM InfoSphere DataStage® and IBM InfoSphere QualityStage®, use the IBM InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage Administrator. See Administering projects.
  • For IBM InfoSphere FastTrack, use the IBM InfoSphere FastTrack console. See Managing projects in IBM InfoSphere FastTrack.


  1. In the IBM InfoSphere Information Server console, open the project that you want to assign groups to.
  2. On the Overview navigator menu in the IBM InfoSphere Information Server console, select Project Properties.
  3. On the Project Properties workspace, select the Groups tab.
  4. In the Groups pane, click Browse to add groups to the project.
  5. On the Add Groups window, select the groups that you want to add to the project, click Add, then click OK.
  6. On the Project Roles pane, select a role to assign to the selected group. A group can be assigned one or more roles in a project.
  7. Click Save All.