IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7.1 Fix Pack 1 release notes

These release notes contain information to ensure the successful installation and operation of IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server, Version 11.7.1, Fix Pack 1. Last updated 30 June 2020.



InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7.1, includes updates to the following products, components, or features:
  • IBM InfoSphere DataStage®
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog New
  • InfoSphere ISALite
  • Connectivity

New in this release

New supported database versions for the metadata repository:
  • Db2® v11.5
  • Oracle 19c
  • SQL Server 2017
If you want to add support for these new repository database versions to your existing base version of InfoSphere Information Server, complete the following steps in the order presented:
  1. Apply Fix Pack 1 to your current version of InfoSphere Information Server.
  2. Upgrade the version of the repository database to one of the new supported ones, such as Db2, Oracle, or SQL Server.

For more information about what is new and changed in Version 11.7.1 Fix Pack 1, see New features and changes in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7.1.

Changes in this release

  • The InfoSphere Information Server Administration Console has been replaced with a new implementation of the Administration Console. In the new version, some features are no longer available, such as creation of Information Analyzer and other component reports. Only Scheduling and Security reports are currently supported.
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7.1, Fix Pack 1 does not currently support upgrade if Watson Knowledge Catalog is installed.
    • If Watson Knowledge Catalog has been installed, but is not being used, you can remove it. The removal of Watson Knowledge Catalog will allow the rest of InfoSphere Information Server to be upgraded. For more information, see Remove Watson Knowledge Catalog from an Information Server installation.
    • If Watson Knowledge Catalog has been installed and is being used, you cannot install Fix Pack 1.

Deprecated features and services

  • In an effort to improve our offerings for the future, we are deprecating the following features:
    • InfoSphere DataStage Server Canvas
    • InfoSphere DataStage Balanced Optimization
    • IBM InfoSphere FastTrack
    • Information Server Manager

    We will continue to support these features, but will not accept enhancements requests. In addition, some of these features may be removed from a future release.

    Capabilities provided by these components remain important and advanced capabilities for job runtime optimization, design acceleration and advanced CI/CD are all strategic aspects of IBM Cloud Pak for Data DataStage.

  • The capability of configuring automated term assignment and viewing automated term assignment results in IGC is now deprecated and has been removed. You can now can trigger automated term assignment during discovery process in the IGC New or during data quality analysis in the Information Analyzer, which is also available as the Quality area of IGC New. The results of automated term assignment are first visible within IA Project only and you must explicitly publish them so that they become term assignments which are visible to all Catalog users.
  • Support for SQL Server 2014 as the metadata repository database has been removed.
  • Support for Watson Knowledge Catalog Lite and Professional has been removed.

System requirements

The Version 11.7.1 installation program performs a system requirements check and provides a report on the status of your computer.

See Detailed system requirements, then choose your operating system.

Fix lists

The June 2020 update to Fix Pack 1 includes fixes for the following issues:
  • The Workflow capability does not work on a IBM WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment cluster with multiple nodes. (APAR JR62386)
  • InfoSphere Information Analyzer jobs will not work correctly in a multi-tier installation or when they are installed at a location other than the default (/opt/IBM/InformationServer). In this case, the InfoSphere DataStage jobs will fail with an exception. (APAR JR62488)
  • Workflow actions are very slow if the connected user repository has many entries. (APAR JR62323)

For a summary list of fixes that are included in Version 11.7.1, see the fix list document.

Latest version of software

To verify that you install the latest version of the software for your installation environment, see the Knowledge Collection on the IBM Support Portal.

Installing version 11.7.1

For information about installing Version 11.7.1, see the installation documentation.


Installing Version 11.7.1 Fix Pack 1

Version 11.7.1 Fix Pack 1 is available to install as a fix pack. Download instructions for the fix pack are available here:

For information about upgrading to Version 11.7.1 Fix Pack 1, see Instructions for upgrading IBM InfoSphere Information Server to Version

Uninstalling Version 11.7 Fix Pack 1

Version 11.7 Fix Pack 2 cannot be uninstalled. You must restore to your latest Version 11.7 backup to remove the fix pack. For detailed backup and restore instructions, see the knowledge center.

Known problems

To review known problems in detail for Version 11.7.1, Fix Pack 1, see Known problems and limitations in InfoSphere Information Server, Version As problems are discovered and resolved, the IBM Support team updates the knowledge base. By searching the knowledge base, you can quickly find workarounds or solutions to problems.

View additional known problems in the Support knowledge base: View APARs for all supported versions of InfoSphere Information Server

More information

IBM Knowledge Center contains the most recent version of this information.