Supported write modes

Use the Write mode property to specify the mode used to write rows to the Hive data source


You can set the Write mode property to the values that are listed in the following table.
Table 1. Example
Write mode Desription
Insert The connector attempts to insert records from the input link as rows into the target table.
Update Not supported
Delete Not supported

If the connector generates the INSERT statement at run time, it utilizes all input link columns in the VALUES clause of the statement. The connector runs the statements in batch mode where the statements are run on a batch of records instead of individual records.

The connector runs the statements in batch mode only if the following conditions are met:
  • Write mode property is either set to Insert, Update, Delete or Custom
  • Batch size property is set to a value that is greater than 1.
  • Hive data source supports the batch mode operation.
In the rest of the scenarios, the connector runs the statements on individual records. Th following is an example of a user-defined INSERT statement, that uses the DataStage bind parameter syntax (ORCHESTRATE.param_name).

INSERT INTO TABLE1 VALUES (ORCHESTRATE.C1, ORCHESTRATE.C2) . In this case, the connector binds the statement parameters to input link columns by name. The statement parameter ORCHESTRATE.C1 is mapped to input link column C1 and the statement parameter ORCHESTRATE.C2 is mapped to input link column C2.