Recovering from an engine tier failover

When an engine tier failover occurs, follow this procedure to recover projects and restart any interrupted jobs.

If IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server engine services did not shut down normally (for example, if a failover occurred due to a failure), the DSHARestart tool starts automatically on the passive server. The tool checks and repairs dynamic files that are associated with any jobs that were running on the primary server when the failover occurred. The state of these jobs is set to crashed for easy identification.

The tool is intended to handle unattended failover events on a production system. No user interaction is required to ensure that running jobs can be restarted.

InfoSphere Information Server engine services do not start up fully until the DSHARestart tool has completed its tasks. While the tool is running, users cannot connect and use the InfoSphere Information Server engine. This design ensures that jobs are not further corrupted during the recovery process.

While the DSHARestart tool runs, it records its actions in the HARestart.log file. If an issue arises during the recovery process, refer to this file for more information. This file is located in the following directory:
  • Linux cue graphicUNIX cue graphic/opt/IBM/InformationServer/Server/DSEngine
  • Windows cue graphicC:\IBM\InformationServer\Server\DSEngine

After the DSHARestart tool has finished, recover projects by using the SyncProject tool. Then restart any interrupted jobs. Replace the server and bring the new server online.