Setting up column definitions on a link

Column definitions, which you set on a link, specify the format of the data records that the connector reads from a data source or writes to a data source.

  1. From the job design canvas, double-click the connector icon.
  2. Use one of the following methods to set up the column definitions:
    • Drag a table definition from the repository view to the link on the job canvas. Then, use the arrow buttons to move the columns between the Available columns and Selected columns lists.
    • On the Columns page, click Load and select a table definition from the metadata repository. Then, to choose which columns from the table definition apply to the link, move the columns from the Available columns list to the Selected columns list.
  3. Configure the properties for the columns:
    1. Right-click within the columns grid, and select Properties from the menu.
    2. Select the properties to display, specify the order in which to display them, and then click OK.
  4. Optional: Modify the column definitions.
    You can change the column names, data types, and other attributes. In addition, you can add, insert, or remove columns.
  5. Optional: Save the new table definition in the metadata repository:
    1. On the Columns page, click Save, and then click OK to display the repository view.
    2. Navigate to an existing folder, or create a new folder in which to save the table definition.
    3. Select the folder, and then click Save.