Connector stage links and ruleset parameters association

The links of a ILOG® JRules stage must be mapped to ruleset parameter names. If the ruleset is based on Java™ XOM, the fully-qualified Java class of the ruleset parameter must also be specified for each link. If the parameter is of array type then the class name must end with [].

ILOG JRules connector reads records from an input link and converts them to Java objects of the class the link is mapped to. If the parameter is of type array, then all objects derived from the same input link are stored in an array. The entire array is set as the parameter value.

If the parameter is not of an array type, then individual input records are converted to Java objects and set as the parameter values. If a parameter associated with the secondary link is not an array and multiple rows from the secondary link join a single row of the primary link, then the rows from the secondary link are sent one object at a time to ILOG JRules. The same row from the master link is sent to ILOG JRules for each ruleset invocation.

To produce records on the output links, design the rules to add Java objects to the Java arrays or variables associated with the output ruleset parameters. If input and output links are mapped to different classes, output objects must be created by the business rules. However, if the same Java class is mapped to input and output links, you can pass the input parameter object to output parameters. In this scenario, output objects are not created explicitly by the rules but are passed from input.