Monitoring the WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment installation

You can follow the progress of the IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment installation by monitoring the installation log files.

Before you begin

The monitoring procedures assume that you have installed InfoSphere® Information Server in the default installation path. If your installation is different from the following path, substitute your path when you complete the procedures.

Operating system Default installation path
AIX® /opt/IBM/InformationServer
Linux /opt/IBM/InformationServer
Windows C:\IBM\InformationServer

About this task

The installation process updates the WebSphere Application Server suite installation log file sporadically. There might be gaps of up to 20 minutes when no updates are displayed.


  1. On the computer on which the installation program is running, navigate to the directory that contains the log file:
    Operating system Directory
    cd /opt/IBM/InformationServer/logs
    cd /opt/IBM/InformationServer/logs
    cd c:\IBM\InformationServer\logs
  2. Open the log file:
    Option Procedure
    Use the tail command
    tail -f WebSphereInstall.log
    WebSphereInstall.log is the most recent log file.
    Use a text editor that does not lock the file Close the file and then reopen it
    Important: Do not delete the installation log files or the log file directory during the installation process.