Removing individual product modules

Depending upon the product modules that you select, you might not have to run the software removal program for all tiers. Not all product modules have components on all tiers. You only need to run the program on the tier computers that contain components for the product modules.

The software removal program removes only the appropriate software for the tiers on a computer. You can run the software removal program on all of the computers in your configuration, and select all tiers each time. The removal program determines automatically which tiers exist on each computer and removes the appropriate components.

For example, to remove InfoSphere® Information Analyzer, first run the software removal program on the engine tier computer. Then, run it on the services tier computer. Lastly, run the program on the metadata repository tier. You can run the software removal program on the client tier computers at any point in the sequence.

If you remove all product modules that require a particular tier, the tier is also removed. For example, in a system that includes InfoSphere DataStage® and IBM® InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog, if you remove InfoSphere DataStage, the entire engine tier is removed because InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog does not require it.

The following table indicates the tier computers on which you must run the software removal program for specific product modules:

Table 1. Product modules and the tiers on which you must run the software removal program
Product module Services tier Engine tier Client tier
IBM InfoSphere FastTrack X   X
IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog X X X
IBM Glossary Anywhere (requires IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog). The client is installed separately. X    
IBM InfoSphere Metadata Integration Bridges     X
All others X X X

Specific product considerations

InfoSphere DataStage
To deactivate an InfoSphere DataStage edition or feature pack (for example, if you are no longer entitled to an item), you do not use the IBM InfoSphere Information Server software removal program. Instead, deactivate them by using the iisAdmin command. The format of the command is as follows:
AIX® Linux®
<IS_install_path>/ASBServer/ -set -key <license_key> -value 0
<IS_install_path>\ASBServer\iisAdmin.bat -set -key <license_key> -value 0
Table 2. Value of the license key for each product edition or feature pack
Product edition or feature pack <license_key> value
InfoSphere DataStage (parallel and server engine)
Server engine only
IBM InfoSphere QualityStage
Balanced Optimization
SAS Pack
InfoSphere DataStage and InfoSphere QualityStage® share many components between them. For this reason, if you remove one of these product modules from the system on which the other product module is installed, the removal process is extremely rapid.
If multiple versions of InfoSphere DataStage client programs are installed on a computer and you remove the current version of the InfoSphere DataStage client programs, older versions of the client programs might not function. To retain older InfoSphere DataStage client programs, complete the following tasks.
  1. Remove the current version of the InfoSphere DataStage client programs.
  2. Remove all older InfoSphere DataStage client programs.
  3. Reinstall the older versions, starting from the oldest version to the most recent version that you want to retain.
InfoSphere Information Analyzer
Many of these components are also shared by InfoSphere Information Analyzer. The removal process for this product module is faster if InfoSphere DataStage or InfoSphere QualityStage remains installed.