IBM InfoSphere Information Server installation fails repeatedly

If an installation fails repeatedly on a computer that has been used for a previous IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server installation, verify that the previous installation was completely removed.


Installation fails on a computer that has been used for a previous IBM InfoSphere Information Server installation.


Previous installations are not completely removed, or the computer was not restarted after the software removal process completed.


This advice applies to all operating systems.

Resolving the problem

Before you install InfoSphere Information Server, you must completely remove previous installations, including failed installations, of InfoSphere Information Server. You must remove previous versions of InfoSphere Information Server from the installation location where you intend to install the new instance.

You must also remove Db2® and WebSphere® from the target installation locations before the InfoSphere Information Server installation program can reinstall Db2 and WebSphere.

To ensure that the previous installation is completely removed, follow the manual software removal steps for the previous installation.

Note: On Microsoft Windows, you can have more than one version of InfoSphere Information Server only if the previously installed versions were client-only installations. You must completely remove any non-client InfoSphere Information Server installations before you install InfoSphere Information Server.