Errors when you try to add a DataStage connection

An error occurred while adding a DataStage connection to SIEBEL using SIEBEL EIM stage.


An error similar to the following text is displayed:
Error calling subroutine *DataStage*DS_FILEUTIL(Action=1); 
check DataStage is set up correctly in project dstage1 (Unable to load subroutine on host (30105))


This error occurs because the basic routines which are required for Siebel EIM Stage are either missing or not cataloged. This can be verified in the Catalog by executing the following command:
. ./dsenv


Look for the following routines:

*DataStage*DS_FILEUTIL 083015 dstage1 0 141 1 5052 3620 8672
*DataStage*DS_PACKUTIL 082815 dstage1 0 92 1 4758 2319 7077
*DataStage*DS_SIEBELINLINK 082815 dstage1 0 167 3 5126 4060 9186
*DataStage*DS_SIEBEL_UTIL 082815 dstage1 1 4 0 337 249 586

If the routines are not found then catalogue these routines.

Resolving the problem

Execute the setupsbl script which is located in $DSHOME ( /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Server/DSEngine)

For Windows:
cd c:\IBM\InformationServer\Server\DSEngine
setupsbl.bat c:\IBM\InformationServer\Server
For Unix:
For Unix:
cd /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Server/DSEngine
./ /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Server