Migrating credentials

Use this procedure to migrate user IDs, user groups, user roles, associated credentials, and associated common metadata. Migrate this metadata before importing assets for individual products.

Before you import common metadata assets that have steward assignments or glossary assets that have steward assignments, make sure that all users and groups that you want to import from the source computer already exist on the target computer.

Before Version 8.5, the export of credentials is not supported. You must manually recreate the credentials by using the InfoSphere® Information Server Web console.

If you are migrating to version 11.7.1 and install the microservices tier, see Roles for Watson Knowledge Catalog for information about setting up the Watson Knowledge Catalog user roles.

You export assets by using the version of the istool command-line that corresponds to your source computer. You import assets by using the istool command-line in the target environment.