Pre-installing the IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer analysis database in an Oracle database system (AIX Linux)

You can use an existing installation of an Oracle database to create an InfoSphere® Information Analyzer analysis database InfoSphere Information Server.

Before you begin

Include the $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory in your system PATH to properly invoke the sqlplus command.
  • You must configure your Oracle database with the following character sets. These character sets are the only ones that are compatible with InfoSphere Information Server.

    If the database is configured to use another character set, some characters will not be stored, processed, or displayed correctly. The preinstallation check in the InfoSphere Information Server installation program will report a failure for this condition, and if you force the installation it will fail.

  • For Oracle 12c and 12cR2 databases, CDB is supported in InfoSphere Information Server release and later versions. CDB is not supported in InfoSphere Information Server releases prior to

About this task

This script creates a tablespace within an existing database.
Attention: This script also sets the OPEN_CURSORS initialization parameter to the minimum required value of 1500. If this parameter is already set to a higher value, modify the configure_ia_db.sql file to not set this parameter.


  1. Navigate to the following directory of the InfoSphere Information Server installation media, where IS_suite is the directory where you extracted the media.
    Database version Directory
    Oracle 11g R2 IS_suite/DatabaseSupport/UNIX_Linux/InformationAnalyzer/Oracle11g
    Oracle 12c IS_suite/DatabaseSupport/UNIX_Linux/InformationAnalyzer/Oracle12c
  2. From the command line, run the create_ia_db script to set up the database for the InfoSphere Information Analyzer analysis database. All arguments are required and must be specified in the order that is shown in the following example. OracleSystemUser OracleSystemPassword NetServiceName 
                    IAUserName IAUserPassword IATableSpaceName
    For example, SYSTEM MANAGER DBNAME iauser iapwd iaspace
    The Oracle system user name to log into SQL*Plus with to create the tablespace and user. This user must be assigned the database administrator role and must have the SYSDBA role.
    The password for the Oracle system user.
    The name for the connect descriptor as specified in the tnsnames.ora file.
    The name of the Oracle user that you are creating for the InfoSphere Information Analyzer analysis database tablespace.
    The password for the InfoSphere Information Analyzer analysis database tablespace user.
    The name of the InfoSphere Information Analyzer analysis tablespace.
    The location where you want to create the data files for the tablespace. This location must reference an existing directory. For example, /u01/app/oracle/oradata/dbname. The file path cannot end with a forward slash (/) or backslash (\).