Opening the IBM InfoSphere Information Server console

To set up security, manage projects, analyze data, enable information services, or run reports, use the IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server console. The console is a rich-client-based interface.

About this task

The IBM InfoSphere Information Server console is a rich-client-based interface for activities such as profiling data and developing service-oriented applications. In the console, you can complete tasks that are associated with IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer and IBM InfoSphere Information Services Director.

Use the console for the following activities:

  • Create and manage projects.
  • Set project-level security.
  • Analyze data with IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer.
  • Enable information services with IBM InfoSphere Information Services Director.
  • Run reports.


  1. From the Microsoft Windows start menu, select Start > All Programs > IBM InfoSphere Information Server > IBM InfoSphere Information Server Console.
  2. In the User Name field, type your user name.
  3. In the Password field, type your password.
  4. In the Server menu, type or select a host name and port number.

    The host name and port depend on whether WebSphere Application Server clustering is set up for your services tier configuration.

  5. Click Login.