InfoSphere Information Governance Dashboard roles

IBM® InfoSphere® Information Governance Dashboard contains no user roles or security elements of its own. You use suite roles from IBM InfoSphere Information Server for any tasks within InfoSphere Information Governance Dashboard that require a user role. You must enable security for InfoSphere Information Governance Dashboard within the IBM Cognos® environment.

On a new installation of Cognos, an anonymous user who is a member of the Cognos security group Everyone can perform all report actions and access any report content. To protect the reporting environment against unauthorized access, enable Cognos security by using a security provider such as an LDAP Server or Windows Active Directory.

You can use a more detailed approach to security if the security provider that you use for Cognos is the same as the one that is used for InfoSphere Information Server. In this case, reports can be designed so that they display dedicated content for a specific group of InfoSphere Information Server users, such as data stewards or data steward managers. Content can also be protected in such a way that users can review only content that they are allowed to access. For more information on configuring Cognos security, see Security Model.