Properties tab

On the Properties tab, you can specify details of what the link does.

The properties that you set for the output link define how incoming data is read and from what table. Some of the properties are required, although many have default settings. Properties without default settings appear as red in this tab and turn black when you supply a value for them.

The following table lists the properties and their attributes. A more detailed description of each property follows.

Table 1. Output link properties and values
Category and Property Values Default Required? Dependent of
Read Method
  • Table
  • Auto-generated SQL
  • User-defined SQL
Table Yes N/A
Table Table name Yes Yes if Read Method = Table or Auto-generated SQL N/A
Select List List N/A No Table
Where Clause Filter N/A No Table
Partition Table Table N/A No Table
Query SQL query N/A Yes if Read Method = User-defined SQL or Auto-generated SQL N/A
Connection method
  • XPS Fast
  • HPL
  • Native
XPS Fast Yes N/A
Remote server
  • True
  • False
False Yes if Connection Method = Native N/A
User User ID N/A Yes if Connection Method = Native and Remote Server = True N/A
Password Password N/A Yes if Connection Method = Native and Remote Server = True) N/A
Database Database name N/A No N/A
Server Server name N/A No N/A