IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7.1 release notes

These release notes contain information to ensure the successful installation and operation of IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server, Version 11.7.1. Last updated 27 March 2019.



InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7.1, includes updates to the following products, components, or features:
  • IBM InfoSphere DataStage®
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog
  • IBM InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager
  • IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog Lite on-prem (new)

New in this release

For information about what is new and changed in Version 11.7, see New features and changes in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7.1.

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog is an extension to Information Governance Catalog that provides self-service access to data assets for knowledge workers who need to use those data assets to gain insights.

Changes in this release

  • Fixes that this release provides might affect software that parses Information Governance Catalog REST API responses. The format is now considered of property names (JSON keys) that are returned in search responses for custom attribute properties.

    For example, in the previous release a search on the property parent_category.custom_any Custom Attribute for "term" or "category" asset type generated a response that contained a JSON key such as custom_Parent Category - any Custom Attribute. This response is considered to be an invalid REST identifier for a property.

    In this release, the response that is returned is the key parent_category.custom_any Custom Attribute, which is a valid identifier, the same as was provided in the request.

    For more information, see the fix list document.

  • Enterprise search requires you to modify resource limits to improve the performance of asset synchronization. For more information, see the following technote:

System requirements

The Version 11.7.1 installation program performs a system requirements check and provides a report on the status of your computer.

See Detailed system requirements, then choose your operating system.

Fix lists

For a summary list of fixes that are included in Version 11.7.1, see the fix list document.

Latest version of software

To verify that you install the latest version of the software for your installation environment, see the Knowledge Collection on the IBM Support Portal.

Installing version 11.7.1

Download instructions for installing Version 11.7.1 are available here: For more installation information, see the installation documentation.

  • If you are planning to upgrade to InfoSphere Information Server version 11.7.1 Fix Pack 1 after you upgrade to version 11.7.1, do not install Watson Knowledge Catalog. Both Watson Knowledge Catalog Lite and Professional are deprecated in InfoSphere Information Server version 11.7.1 Fix Pack 1.
  • You must run a script immediately after installation of InfoSphere Information Server if you elected to install IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog. For more information, see the following technote:

Known problems

To review known problems for Version 11.7.1, see Known problems and limitations in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7.1. As problems are discovered and resolved, the IBM Support team updates the knowledge base. By searching the knowledge base, you can quickly find workarounds or solutions to problems. View additional known problems in the form of individual technotes, techdocs, or APARs in the Support knowledge base:

More information

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