Taking action if the installation program encounters an error

After you start the installation process, the installation program might encounter an error that requires your action to resolve.


The installation program encounters an error and an Installation Exception window is displayed.

User response

Complete these steps in the Installation Exception window:
  1. If the error window is still displayed with the option to Abort, Retry, or Continue the installation leave the window up. Likewise, if you are running the installation program as a wizard and you have not closed it, do not close it.
  2. Review the last statements in the log file to determine what caused the error. Investigate and fix the error, if possible. Refer to the troubleshooting topics or the support tech notes online and take the specified user action.
  3. Retry the installation:
    • If you did not close the installation program, click Retry failed action. If the issue is resolved, then it will proceed. Otherwise, if it runs into the same exception, you will see the exception window again.
    • If you did close the installation program, run it again. If you were able to save the results in a response file, run the installation program with the response file so that you do not need to re-enter the parameters. Use the following command if you want to run the installation program with the wizard and response file:
      setup -rsp response_file_name -uiMode graphical
  4. If the subsequent attempt fails, manually uninstall the product files and try to install again.
  5. If failure still occurs, contact IBM® support for assistance.