Specifying client tier installation options

Use the InfoSphere® Information Server installation program to specify options for the client tier computer, such as the property information for your database system.


  1. Select the directories where you want to install the product that you determined when planning your installation.
  2. Select New installation.
  3. Select the tiers to install on the target computer.
    • If you are installing a client on this computer but are not installing the services tier, specify the connection information for the services tier.
    • If your services tier is configured in a clustered implementation of IBM® WebSphere® Application Server, specify the host name and port number of the front-end HTTP dispatcher. Otherwise, specify the host name of the services tier computer and the port number for WebSphere Application Server (typically 9443).
  4. Enter the InfoSphere Information Server administrator user name and password. Use the information that you determined when planning your installation.
  5. Select the product modules that you want to install. The product modules that are displayed are only those that are part of the entitlement package that you purchased. Select the same set of product modules for each computer.

    Select Metadata Interchange Agent if you want to use bridges with IBM InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager. Installing the metadata interchange agent automatically installs bridges on the same computer.