Specify options to run the software removal program

After you run the software removal program, you must open a web browser, enter the URL that was specified by the removal program, and configure options before proceeding with the removal process. You can then specify options for each of the tier computers by using the InfoSphere® Information Server removal program.


  1. Open a web browser on the computer or on a remote computer, and navigate to one of the addresses that is listed in the messages from starting the installation program.

    The software removal program automatically launches the default Web browser on the local computer and navigates to the HTTP address.

    A Login Uninstallation window is displayed in the web browser.

    A message might appear in the browser that reads The publisher cannot be verified. You can safely ignore the message and continue the removal process. This message does not indicate a security risk when it appears during the InfoSphere Information Server removal process.

  2. To display installation messages in a language other than English, select the language in the Select a language menu, and click Login.
  3. Accept the license agreement.