Running the installation step

After the installation program completes the prerequisites check and you specify installation options for each tier, you specify a response file and proceed with the installation process. The response file contains configuration information that tells the installation program how to perform an installation.

About this task

Saving a response file is important if you want to cancel the current installation session and use the response file in a later session. Use the installation wizard to specify a name and location for your response file.


  1. In the installation wizard, specify a name and location for the response file in the Response file location field (at this point, you can choose to cancel the installation and use the saved response file in a later session).
  2. Choose to install the product and click Next to begin the product installation.
    The program displays a summary of the choices that you made in the wizard. As the installation proceeds, the installation program reports the progress in the window.
    Figure 1. Response File Review page
    This figure shows the Response File Review page. The contents of the response file are listed in the lower half of the page. Above the response file contents is a Response File Location field and a Browse button that can be used to select a response file location and name. Above this field are two option buttons: Install IBM InfoSphere Information Server and save my settings in a response file and Do not install IBM InfoSphere Information Server and save my settings in a response file.
    Be mindful of the following conditions while the installation program is running:
    • Leave the command prompt open until the installation is complete, as shown in the following figure.
      Figure 2. Command prompt open during installation
      This figure shows a command prompt window over the installation wizard.
    • If the system encounters an error, it might occasionally request a response from you. Check periodically to make sure that the system is not waiting for you to respond.
    • Pop-up windows might be displayed, that you must respond to for the installation to proceed. Occasionally a pop-up window might be displayed behind the web browser. If the installation halts for a long interval, check for pop-up windows displayed behind the web browser. You can click on the navigation line on the left side to bring the exception window to the front.
    • After you have started the installation process, keep the web browser open to monitor progress and to respond if there is an error. If you close the web browser, the installation continues to the end. You can reconnect to the session by opening a new web browser to the same URL. You can also monitor the installation process by reading the log files.
    • Depending on your security settings, warning windows might display during the installation of the IBM® Db2® database system or other components. Ignore the warnings, and click OK to continue the installation.
    • Do not install InfoSphere® Information Server in a directory path that contains space characters.