Sequential File Method

When you load data using the sequential file method, rows from the input link are written in delimited format into an intermediate data file.

The data file is loaded immediately or it can be deferred, depending on the value of the Automatic Load property.

Immediate. When you set Automatic Load to Yes, the IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® job automatically loads the table. With automatic loading by using a sequential file, a data file consisting of rows from the input link is constructed and is loaded into the target table after all rows have been read from the input link. Automatic loading by using the sequential file method is slower than the named pipe method because the data cannot be loaded until this data file is constructed.

Deferred. When you set Automatic Load to No, a data file consisting of rows from the input link is constructed, but the data is not loaded into the target table. Additionally, a file containing SQL statements is generated. You can manually edit the data file and the SQL file for advanced customization of the load process and filtering of input data before loading. You can then move these files to any Informix® XPS host system for execution.

The data file can be loaded manually later by using the SQL file as input to the dbaccess utility. Use this method if the InfoSphere DataStage server does not reside on a system hosting an Informix XPS server or coserver.