Example: Simple text format

You can create the audit log in a simple text format.

Sample audit log

The following example is an excerpt from an audit log in simple text format. For illustration purposes, this example shows each event on more than one line. In an actual audit log file, each event is logged to a single line.
2009-04-04 03:58:25.357 EST INFO: LOGIN (admin): UserID="admin", Client="Console",
Origin="florence", SessionID="ED1D522D-D4DD-493D-80D9-0806EB4D907D"

2009-04-04 04:01:50.154 EST INFO: ADD_USER (admin): UserID="ppds1",
LastName="PersonDS1", FirstName="Project"

2009-04-04 04:01:50.387 EST INFO: SET_CREDENTIAL (admin): UserID="ppds1"

2009-04-04 04:01:50.654 EST INFO: ASSIGN_USER_ROLES (admin): UserIDs="ppds1",
RoleIDs="SuiteUser, DataStageAdmin, DataStageUser"

2009-04-04 04:11:41.325 EST INFO: ADD_GROUP (admin): GroupID="regPeeps",
GroupName="Regular People"

2009-04-04 04:11:42.895 EST INFO: ASSIGN_GROUP_ROLES (admin): GroupIDs="regPeeps",

2009-04-04 04:12:01.343 EST INFO: ASSIGN_GROUP_ROLES (admin): GroupIDs="regPeeps",

2009-04-04 04:12:12.784 EST INFO: LOGIN (admin): UserID="admin",
Client="DataStage Administrator", Origin="florence",

2009-04-04 04:12:45.336 EST INFO: REVOKE_PROJECT_GROUP_ROLES (admin):
Project="FLORENCE/test", GroupIDs="regPeeps", RoleIDs="DataStageProductionManager,
DataStageDeveloper, DataStageSuperOperator, DataStageOperator"

2009-04-04 04:12:45.779 EST INFO: ASSIGN_PROJECT_GROUP_ROLES (admin):
Project="FLORENCE/test", GroupIDs="regPeeps", RoleIDs="DataStageOperator"