Configuring WebSphere Application Server logs

You configure logging to enable logging features beyond the defaults.

About this task

Use the IS_install_path/wlp/usr/servers/iis/server.xml configuration file to configure logging messages for WebSphere® Application Server Liberty Core. The log files are produced in the IS_install_path/wlp/usr/servers/iis/logs folder. For more information about configuring logging for WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core, see Trace and logging.


  1. WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment:
    1. Log in to the WebSphere Application Server administrative console.
    2. Go to Troubleshooting > Logs and trace > <servername>
    3. Configure the logging options that you desire. For more information, see Configuring Java™ logging using the administrative console.
    4. Save your changes to the master configuration.
  2. WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile:
    1. Open the IS_install_path/wlp/usr/servers/iis/server.xml configuration file.
    2. Configure logging related information. Use the comments in the server.xml file to add or change what types of messages are logged.
    3. Save your changes.

What to do next

Restart WebSphere Application Server server for the configuration changes to take effect.