Configuring other ODBC drivers

You can use ODBC drivers from other vendors to connect to data sources. You might be required to connect to a database not supported by the DataDirect driver pack, for example, Red Brick®. You can use only one ODBC Manager at a time. As a result, you cannot use drivers from other vendors at the same time that you use the IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® drivers, and you must perform some reconfiguration to switch between the two types.


  1. Install the ODBC manager and drivers.
    Use the documentation that the driver vendor provides.
  2. Configure the computer to connect to the driver.
    1. In the dsenv file, add the required environment variables.
    2. In the odbc.ini file, set up the connection to the database or to the database client application.
      You must specify the Data Source Name (DSN), driver name, and login information.
    3. In the uvodbc.config file, specify the DSN to use to connect to the database.
  3. Include the shared library for the ODBC Manager in the InfoSphere DataStage load library path.
    Edit the dsenv file and ensure that the path to the ODBC Manager precedes the path to $DSHOME/../branded_odbc/lib in the shared library path environment variable.
  4. After you install and configure the driver, test the connectivity.


To use the DataDirect drivers again, remove the path to the ODBC Manager from the dsenv file, and ensure that the InfoSphere DataStage ODBC driver library precedes any other ODBC driver libraries.