Reading Records from Input Link (Java Integration stage)

The InputLink interface is an extension of the Link interface. It defines methods that are used to interact with corresponding stage input link. The instances of an InputLink are available in the Configuration object that is provided as an argument of the validateConfiguration() method.

Methods provided by Link interface
  • getColumn()
  • getColumnCount()
  • getColumnMetadata()
  • getLinkIndex()
  • getUserProperties()
  • subtractColumnList()
Methods provided by InputLink interface
  • GetAssociatedRejectLink()
  • readRecord()
By calling the readRecord() method of an InputLink interface, your Java™ code can consume a row from input link. It returns an object that implements the InputRecord interface.
InputRecord inputRecord = m_inputLink.readRecord();

The InputRecord interface is an extension of the Record interface. It defines methods that are used to get column data from a consumed row record.

Methods provided by InputRecord interface
  • getObject()
  • getValue(String columnName)
  • getValue(int columnIndex)
The following example shows how to retrieve the value corresponding to a given column index “i” in this record.
Object value = inputRecord.getValue(i);
You can also retrieve the value by specifying the column name like below.
Object value = inputRecord.getValue(“name”);