Accessing Stage Configuration (Java Integration stage)

An instance of the Configuration interface defines the current stage configuration, such as number and type of links and the values for the user-defined properties that are specified in the job.

To see the details of the available methods that the Configuration interface provides, see the Javadoc information for the Java™ Integration stage API.

Methods for accessing link configurations
  • getDataChannel()
  • getLinks()
  • getInputLinks()
  • getInputLinkCount()
  • getInputLinks()
  • getOutputLink()
  • getOutputLinkCount()
  • getOutputLinks()
  • getRejectOutputLink()
  • getRejectLinkCount()
  • getStreamOutputLink()
  • getStreamOutputLinkCount()
Methods for accessing node configurations
  • getNodeCount()
  • getNodeNumber()
Method for accessing user-defined stage properties
  • getUserProperties()
Methods for accessing data transfer services
  • getDataChannel()