Installing a new version of InfoSphere Information Server in the target environment

You must install a new version of InfoSphere® Information Server before migrating InfoSphere Information Server from your source environment.

Before you replace an existing version of InfoSphere Information Server with a new version, you need to export all assets from the source system. After the export is complete, you can uninstall the existing version and then install the new version. If you want your new installation to use the same ports and location as the source installation or if you are using the same Windows system, you will have to uninstall before installing the new version.
  1. Optional: Uninstall the existing version.
    If you are migrating to a Windows computer, and you plan on installing InfoSphere Information Server on the same host, then you must uninstall the existing version of InfoSphere Information Server and reboot the computer after you are finished uninstalling InfoSphere Information Server.
  2. Install the new version.