Considerations for Using the High Performance Loader (HPL)

You can read and write data to an Informix® IDS 10X or XPS 8.5 database by using the Informix High Performance Loader by specifying a connection method of HPL in the input or output properties.

Note the following when reading or writing by using the High Performance Loader:

  • The INFORMIX onpload database must exist and be set up. You do this by running the INFORMIX ipload utility once and exiting it. An appropriate warning appears if the database is not set up properly.
  • The High Performance Loader uses more shared memory, and therefore more semaphores, than INFORMIX does in general. If the HPL is unable to allocate enough shared memory or semaphores, the IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® read or write may not work. For more information about shared memory limits, contact your system administrator.
  • You use the environment variable HPLINFORMIXDIR to specify the install directory of the HPL server.