The toolbar for the SQL builder contains tools for actions such as clearing the current query, viewing data, and validating the statement.

The SQL builder toolbar contains the following tools.

  • Clear Query removes the field entries for the current SQL query.
  • Cut removes items and placed them on the Microsoft Windows clipboard so they can be pasted elsewhere.
  • Copy copies items and place them on the Windows clipboard so they can be pasted elsewhere.
  • Paste pastes items from the Windows clipboard to certain places in the SQL builder.
  • SQL properties opens the Properties dialog box.
  • Quoting toggles quotation marks in table and column names in the generated SQL statements.
  • Validation toggles the validation feature. Validation automatically occurs when you click OK to exit the SQL builder.
  • View Data is available when you invoke the SQL builder from stages that support the viewing of data. It causes the calling stage to run the SQL as currently built and return the results for you to view.
  • Refresh refreshes the contents of all the panels on the SQL builder.
  • Window View allows you to select which panels are shown in the SQL builder window.
  • Help opens the online help.