InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog

IBM® InfoSphere® Information Governance Catalog is an interactive, web-based tool that enables users to create, manage, and share an enterprise vocabulary and classification system in a central catalog. InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog helps users to understand the business meaning of their assets and provides search, browse, and query capabilities. In addition, users can establish asset collections, and run lineage reports to examine data flow between assets.

This topic introduces InfoSphere
Information Governance Catalog
and some of the tasks that you can perform.
Getting started tutorials
Complete tasks described in getting started tutorials to get familiar with the product.
Opening the catalog
This topic explains how to access the catalog.
Planning, designing, and publishing the catalog
These topics describe the process of designing a catalog, defining assets for the catalog, populating the catalog with glossary assets and information assets, and making the catalog available to the enterprise.
Administering the catalog
These topics describe how to assign security roles and permissions, assign workflow roles, import and export glossary content of the catalog, and administer information assets.
Governing the data
You can create, edit, and delete catalog assets. Some assets are created when they are imported into the catalog. You can assign stewards and assets, define and assign custom attributes, and extend data flows for lineage reports by importing assets. In addition, you can configure assets for lineage analysis reports. Assets of different types that have a common business purpose can be grouped together in a collection.
Viewing catalog content
After you log in to InfoSphere
Information Governance Catalog
, you can view, search, browse, and query the catalog to find catalog assets.
Looking up terms with Glossary Anywhere
Use Glossary Anywhere to get the business definition of a term or a category while you work in any desktop application.
Developing and extending applications
By using Eclipse and REST API applications, you can create custom applications or extend existing applications to take advantage of InfoSphere
Information Governance Catalog