Using User-Defined Queries

Instead of using the SQL statement constructed by the stage, you can enter your own SQL statement for each output link.


  1. Select User-defined SQL query from the Query type drop-down list box on the General tab of the Output page. The User-defined tab on the SQL tab is enabled.
  2. You can edit the statements or drag-and-drop the selected columns into your user-defined SQL statement. You must ensure that the table definitions for the output link are correct and represent the columns that are expected.

    If your entry begins with {FILE}, the remaining text is interpreted as a path name, and the contents of the file supplies the text for the query.

  3. Click OK to close the dialog box. Changes are saved when you save your job design.
    Note: User-defined SQL statements with comments may process only the first row irrespective of what the current setting of Array Size property is. To resolve this problem, remove the comments from the User defined SQL query or set the Array Size property to 1.