Using Generated SQL Statements

By default, IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® writes data to an Informix® table using an SQL INSERT, DELETE, or UPDATE statement that it constructs.

About this task

The generated SQL statement is automatically constructed using the InfoSphere DataStage table and column definitions that you specify in the input properties for this stage. The Generated tab on the SQL tab displays the SQL statement used to write the data.

To use a generated statement:


  1. Enter a table name in Table name on the General tab on the Input page.
  2. Specify how you want the data to be written by choosing an option from the Update action drop-down list box.
  3. Refer Defining Informix CLI Input Data for a description of the update actions.
  4. Enter an optional description of the input link in the Description field.
  5. Click the Columns tab on the Input page.
  6. Edit the Columns grid to specify column definitions for the columns you want to write.

    The SQL statement is automatically constructed using your chosen update action and the columns you have specified. You can now optionally view this SQL statement.

  7. Click the SQL tab on the Input page, then the Generated tab to view this SQL statement. You cannot edit the statement here, but you can access this tab at any time to select and copy parts of the generated statement to paste into the user-defined SQL statement.
  8. Click OK to close this dialog box. Changes are saved when you save your job design.