New in this release

The IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server Pack for SAP BW has the following new capabilities.

Version 4.3.3

  • New Load stage providing SAP 7.x datasource support - original request described in technote 1648180
  • Replacement of Classic RFC SDK by Netweaver RFC SDK
  • Replacement of Install Shield by Atlas installer
  • BW Extract stage GUI: Warns the user when selecting Currency fields (a conversion may be needed)
  • Provision for validating the Open Hub Destination with respect to Process chain in the Job
  • Implemented sanity check of the .ready file for Load (as we have for Extract)
  • Validate button to validate and synchronize against BW structure instead of local transfer structure
  • To read the process chain log always if a log ID is available (both Load and Extract)
  • Fixed an issue where Process chains that are not active are displayed as usable process chains in BW Extract GUI
  • Integrated existing technotes into the Knowledge Center documentation
  • Updated help link from GUI to IS documentation in Knowledge Center


  • Restored full legacy support for InfoSphere Information Server, Version 9.1 on Windows.
  • The Pack now supports SAP NetWeaver 7.4.
  • Support for IPv6


  • The Pack supports InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.3 and later.


  • The Pack supports InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.5, Version 8.7, and Version 9.1.
  • The SAP BW load stage can now run in parallel mode.
  • The Pack does not include SAP transports anymore.

Version 4.3.2

  • The Pack supports InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.1.
  • The Pack supports the same national languages as InfoSphere Information Server.
  • The Pack supports Unicode data.
  • The Pack installation program installs online documentation into the InfoSphere Information Server Information Center.