New in this release

The IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server Pack for SAP Applications has the following new capabilities.


ABAP Stage

  • Support protocol bgRFC: Stability and performance improvements for extracting a large amount of data.
  • Multi-instance job support: Instances of the same job can run with different parameters.
  • Row count check: Data inconsistencies can be detected early and easily.

BAPI Stage

  • Support table parameter: TYPE. New function to extract / load data of format TYPE.
  • Support dynamic memory allocation for Load/Extract/Table parameters.

Delta extract Stage

  • Maintenance and operability improvements regarding logging and out of memory situations.

IDOC Stage and reg. RM/RG

  • Minor quality issues resolved

DataStage SAP Administrator

  • A user authorization concept regarding connections provided.


  • Updated documentation in Knowledge Center.
  • Updated related Technotes


  • Replacement of development SAP C-RFC SDK by SAP Netweaver RFC SDK as the former is being deprecated by SAP.
  • The ABAP extraction is improved to detect listener conflict on the same RFC destination (JR50473).
  • Updated documentation in Knowledge Center, including links to external technotes.

Version 8.0

  • A new Delta Extract Stage is introduced which allows you to extract full or delta data from SAP DataSources.
  • Enhancements to the functionality and fixes in the existing stages.

Version 7.1

  • Major enhancements to the user interface of InfoSphere Rapid Modeler for SAP Applications and InfoSphere Rapid Generator for SAP Applications.

Version 7.0

ABAP stage

  • CPI-C is no longer supported as a data transfer method for ABAP.
  • tRFC cleanup functionality.

IDoc Connector stages

  • IDoc Connectors are new active stages with improved error handling.
  • Unified column interface with same technical fields for IDoc Connector Load and IDoc Connector Extract stages.
  • Parallel canvas support for both IDoc Connector stages and parallel engine support for IDoc Load Connector.
  • No server engine support.

BAPI stage

  • BAPI stage can now issue more than one BAPI call within one transaction.

New tools

  • IBM InfoSphere Data Architect Rapid Modeler for SAP Applications can be used to extract the selected metadata from an SAP system and import it to an InfoSphere Data Architect Logical Data Model.
  • The IBM InfoSphere Rapid Generator for SAP Applications is an extension of IBM InfoSphere Data Architect that generates DataStage jobs that extract data from or load data to an SAP system.
  • CPI-C to RFC migration tool is used to migrate ABAP jobs that were previously configured to use the CPI-C data transfer method.
  • IPv6 support.