Installing IBM InfoSphere Information Server in silent mode by using the response file

You can use silent mode to run an unattended installation of InfoSphere® Information Server. In silent mode, the installation program does not display a user interface. Instead, it reads settings from a response file that you create, performs a prerequisites check, and installs the software if the check succeeds.

About this task

You might run a silent installation with a response file if you want to reinstall the software after cleaning up a failed installation. Or, you might have multiple engine computers and don't want to run through the wizard interview process on each computer.

To run a silent installation, you first run through the installation wizard and save your responses in the response file at the end of the interview process. Before running the setup program in silent mode with the response file, you edit the response file providing password values and changing any values that are specific for the computer that you are installing the software on. Then you run setup -rsp response_file_name to run in silent mode with the response file.