Where InfoSphere Information Governance Dashboard fits in the suite architecture

IBM® InfoSphere® Information Governance Dashboard uses data that is generated in other IBM InfoSphere Information Server products. These products include IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog and IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer.

You can access InfoSphere Information Governance Dashboard through reports and dashboards that come with the suite and are deployed by using IBM Cognos. The suite includes the limited license entitlements that are required to run these reports and dashboards. However, you must install and configure the Cognos environment separately from the suite installation. If you modify the supplied IBM Cognos Framework Model when you modify any reports, then you must obtain sufficient license entitlements to the IBM Cognos Framework Manager. After the IBM Cognos environment is configured and the reports and dashboards are deployed, any suite user has access to the reports and dashboards by accessing the URL for the Cognos environment that you configured.

Limited entitlement is included for the following IBM Cognos components when they are used for displaying the included reports and dashboards:
  • Cognos Administration
  • Cognos Connection
  • Cognos Report Studio
  • Cognos Viewer

If you want to build your own reports by using your own reporting solution, rather than using IBM Cognos to display the reports, you can write queries directly to the SQL views. The SQL views are installed with the suite.

The SQL views are installed automatically on the InfoSphere Information Server metadata repository. Cognos reports or workspaces that are included with the suite or custom reports that you build against the SQL views run queries against these views to obtain metadata for reporting.

The graphic shows the InfoSphere Information Server architecture, highlighting each of the main components in the suite. Each component prepares data for other components in the suite. The underlying framework of InfoSphere Information Server enables the components in the suite to integrate and share metadata that is stored in the shared metadata repository.