Permissions and groups configuration (Windows Server)

After you install IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server on Microsoft Windows Server, you must perform an additional task to configure users.

About this task

Which task you use depends on whether Microsoft Windows Server is configured to be a domain controller.

The first time that a user of an InfoSphere Information Server client, such as the IBM InfoSphere DataStage® client or the IBM InfoSphere Information Server console, successfully logs in to the InfoSphere Information Server services tier, the server is added to the registered-servers.xml file. This file is located in the C:\IBM\InformationServer\ASBNode\eclipse\plugins\ directory by default.

When logging in to the services tier for the first time, the operating system user on the client must have write permission to the registered-servers.xml file on the client so that in can be updated. If the user does not have the required permission, the login fails.

System administrators can limit access to specific InfoSphere Information Server services tiers from any client by removing the file system write permission to the registered-servers.xml file. The administrator, or anyone who has write permission, can log in ahead of time to each server that the client user will access. The administrator can then distribute the prepopulated registered-servers.xml file to the remaining clients in their network. To set or remove file system write permission, see Configuring write permission to the registered-servers.xml file.